CIAAR 2018 Will Be Grand Opening in A Month, Check The Exhibition Contents and Exhibitor List in Advance

The 16th Shanghai International Auto Air-conditioning and Transport Refrigeration Exhibition (CIAAR 2018) will be held from 13th November to 15th November 2018 at Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center (SECEC) in Shanghai, China. Co-organized by ITE Asia Exhibitions Limited, Shanghai Gehua Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. and Shanghai ITE Gehua Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., this exhibition is strongly supported by the Shanghai Cold Chain Association (SCCA), Longquan Automotive Air-conditioning Parts Association and TimerAuto.

With a theme of “The Pioneer and Encyclopedia of Mobile Refrigeration Market”, the 25,000-square-meter exhibition at the west wing of SECEC is expected to accommodate about 500 exhibitors and 10,000 visitors, continuing its leading position in mobile refrigeration events with unprecedented scale and world-class influence.


4 Exhibition Halls

So far, 440 exhibitors have registered to participate the CIAAR 2018. And with more exhibitors continuously streaming in, the exhibition has expanded to Hall 3 for the first time since the booths in Hall 1, Hall 2 and outdoor pavilions have all been sold out. Furthermore, the expo will showcase the evolution from common auto air conditioning to its combination with new energy, passenger transport and refrigerated transportation.

This year’s edition of CIAAR, besides regular exhibitors such as Zhongcheng, Dyne, Shuangkai, Jingyi, Guangyu, Santian, Sanmei, Shuangniao, will also bring together a whole host of new participants including Shengshi, Haier, Matsushita, Taichang, Highly, Ropas, AVIC, Behr, Lengzuan, and as usual, an exhibition delegation consisting of 40 enterprises from Longquan Automotive Air-Conditioning Parts Association, etc. Through years’ cooperation, this delegation and CIAAR have developed a strongly interactive relation. That is, the exhibition effectively helps the auto air-conditioning enterprises from Longquan enter the market in Shanghai, launch their businesses throughout China and even overseas, whilst the top-notch manufacturing techniques of auto air-conditioners enjoyed by the delegation can prove the exhibition’s industry influence in return.


3 New Zones

As the “weathervane” of the vehicle air-conditioning industry in China, CIAAR will display the products and techniques which will completely cover the entire industry and its peripheral markets, from the auto air-conditioners for household cars and commercial vehicles, parts for auto air-conditioners like compressors, condensers, fans and air-conditioning ducts, to refrigeration technologies such as refrigerants and refrigeration equipments.

In addition, this year’s exhibition is dedicated to better serving customer groups interested in new energy vehicle, passenger transport and refrigerated transportation by enhancing the product variety. Hence three brand new zones have been added, they are: Refrigerated Transport Equipment and Materials Area; Vehicle Heat Management System and Accessories Area; Bus A/C System and Accessories Area.

With the strong support from Shanghai Cold Chain Association, the Refrigerated Transport Equipment and Materials Area will highlight the temperature control solutions for various transportation systems provided by Thermo King, Carrier, Rifusen, Jinxiang, Hawtai and Mingtai, etc.

The Vehicle Heat Management System and Accessories Area has a subject of “Energy-saving and Smart Manufacturing”, and will offer a panorama of auto thermal management products including heat pump air-conditioners, electric compressors, battery cooling devices and cooling modules, thanks to the outstanding organizations such as Jinglei, Yu Chao, Jinlong, Weilong, Keyin, Posung, Falayi, YierFusi, Lengzuan, Hetian, etc.

The Bus AC System and Accessories Area will display products and parts like coach air-conditioners, truck air-conditioners, parking coolers, etc. A large number of leading brands will be present there, such as Taichang, Colku, Newbase, Topleader, Haorui, Dele, Jinlong, Guangyao, Yuneng and Hetian.


2 Onsite Activities

It is worth mentioning that there will be two fascinating onsite activities specially designed for the new areas, so as to assist visitors in fully exploring the future trends of automobile and auto air-conditioning markets.

One is the “New Energy Auto Thermal Management Technology Forum” in the Vehicle Heat Management System and Accessories Area, which is co-hosted by the organizer and TIMER AUTO, a renowned Chinese automotive consulting and analysis company. It is strongly advocated by the Automobile Air-conditioning Committee of China Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Industry Association, and will involve discussions focusing on new energy vehicles, one of the hottest topics today. Those sessions will be respectively themed by “Motor-driven Compressor Technology for New Energy Vehicles”, “Heat Pump Technology Development for Electric Vehicles”, and “Key Technologies and Parts of Engine Thermal Management System”. (Time: 1:30 PM on Nov 13rd; Location: activity area on 3rd Floor )

The Refrigerated Vehicle Energy-saving and Technology Forum will debut in the Refrigerated Transport Equipment and Materials Area, with three topics including “The Application of New Energy in Refrigerated Vehicles and Refrigeration Units”, “How to Further Save Energy for Vehicle Refrigeration Units”, “Build the largest Internet Platform for Highway Transport Industrial Chain in China” and “The Status Quo and Future of Refrigerated Vehicles”.  (Time: 10:30 AM on Nov 14th; Location: activity area on 3rd Floor )


1 Month till Kickoff

As China’s professional exhibition for the vehicle air-conditioning industry, CIAAR closely follows the market trends and industrial development, assist exhibitors in developing domestic and foreign markets, and has succeeded in establishing its position as a leading exhibition in this industry. There’s only one month to kickoff for CIAAR 2018. And we are fully convinced that, with new energy vehicle, thermal management, refrigerated transportation and other relative industries thriving in the market, this exhibition will witness immense business opportunities for both exhibitors and itself.

On Nov 13rd, 2018, a sea of leading brands and their fantastic products will make a brilliant appearance in CIAAR 2018, including Haier, Thermo King, Carrier, Songz, Zhongcheng, Dyne, Matsushita, Highly, Shuangkai, Zhenwei, Guangyu, Friendlink, Behr, Kedali, Inno-Tech, Khccac, Berlin, Jinkehua, Su Licheng, Rad, Jisun, Getes, Su Licheng, Rifusen, Benling, Zhongdi, Elite and Weilong.


CIAAR 2018 Exhibitor List