Focus on Hot Industry Trends, Interpretation of Future Industry Development ——The Grand Opening of CIAAR 2018, One Major Event for Auto Air-conditioning Industry

The 16th China International Auto Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Exhibition (CIAAR), which is highly regarded by the auto air conditioning and refrigeration industry, was grandly opened on November 13, 2018  at Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center. The scale of this exhibition has increased by 13% compared with the previous one, with the total exhibition area reaching 25,000 square meters that occupies four exhibition halls inside and outside the West Hall of the Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center. At the same time, with the continuous growth of the Chinese auto market, the number of exhibitors reached a new high this year. A total of 480 companies from all over the world gathered together, up 15% from last year. Whether in terms of its exhibitor scale, exhibit coverage or its professionalism, CIAAR 2018 is undoubtedly the most grandest exhibition ever since its inception.


Co-organized by ITE Asia Exhibitions Limited, Shanghai Gehua Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. and Shanghai ITE Gehua Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., this exhibition is strongly supported by Longquan Automotive Air-conditioning Parts Associati, the Shanghai Cold Chain Association (SCCA) and TimerAuto.There are three themed zones in this exhibition, namely ‘the auto air-conditioning products zone’,‘the cold storage and refrigerated transportation equipment and materials zone’, and‘the auto thermal management system and parts zone’. The exhibits cover cutting-edge technologies and products in many fields such as auto air-conditioning products, spare parts and supplies, the freezing and refrigerated transportation equipment, refrigeration units, thermal management systems of new energy vehicles, products and accessories. The extensive and comprehensive exhibit coverage attracts many industrial leading brands to participate in and provide plenty of products for competition on the same stage.


This year, many well-known old and new brands in the industry once again gathered at the Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center, including Sanhua, Haier, Panasonic, Zhongcheng, Dyne, Lean, Haili, Shuangkai, Zhenwei, Guangyu, Flinkpec, Behr, Kedali, Yingke, Khccac , Bailin, Jinkehua, Sulicheng, Lade, Jiecheng, Gertels, Guobing, Benling, Zhongdi,Jingchuang, Weilong and other leading brands on display. In addition, the exhibition also invited many overseas companies, for example, the delegation of famous Korean enterprises led by Pumtech, Daewoo, Wintech, BRS and so on brings high-quality auto air-conditioning accessories from Korea.


Equally remarkable is the exhibition delegation consisting of 40 enterprises  from Longquan Automotive Air-conditioning Parts Associati. For many years, the delegation and the exhibition have developed a strong interactive effect. The exhibition effectively helps auto air-conditioning enterprises from Longquan to expand national market while China’s top auto air-conditioner manufacturing level represented by the delegation also reflects the influence of the exhibition in the industry. The delegation this year includes excellent enterprises such as Yili, Songxin, Santian, Jinfeng, Xinding, Nicety, Ouyadi, Oujia, Jiunuo, Shuangrong, Jinbaode, Zhongtai, Junbo, Shike, Baojiali, Jieke, Sanhe, Chuangyu, Hengfeng and Bowei, which will collectively showcase the “Longquan precision” to purchasers onsite.



Concurrent Events Upgraded, Explore New Ideas for Industry Development


It is worth mentioning that during the exhibition, the organizers specially planned three magnificent concurrent events covering multiple cross-industries. On the opening day, the  “New Energy Auto Thermal Management Technology Forum” attracted the utmost attention of the industry and encouraged the audience present to jointly explore the applications, challenges and future development of auto air-conditioning and automotive thermal management industry in the context of the rapid development of the new energy automobile industry.“New energy vehicles are the general trend of the future industrydevelopment. Today, the discussion with indusrty professionals on the technological trends in the general environment, will undoubtedly play a constructive role.”Said Ms. Zhang Li, Project Executive Director of TIMER AUTO, the co-organizer of the event. The event also invited  some distinguished guests from Geely Auto, Dun An, Air International and Pera Global. The topics for discussion include "Control of Noise from Compressor's Pressure Pulsation ", "Key technology& Features of Electronic Expansion Valve and Application of Thermal Management System" and "Development of Air-supplying and Enthalpy-adding Heat Pump System in Electric Vehicle", and “Key Technologies and Parts of Engine Thermal Management System”.


"The Refrigerated Vehicle Energy-saving and Technology Forum" hosted by SCCA will be open on the second day of the exhibition. As the first well-known industry association in China to join CIAAR, Mr. Liu Longchang, President of the Association, cherishes high expectations for this exhibition and the event which is dedicated to advancing the future development of the cold storage and refrigerated transport industry. The topics of discussion includes “The Status Quo and Future of Refrigerated Vehicles”, “The Application of New Energy in Refrigerated Vehicles and Refrigeration Units”, “How to Further Save Energy for Vehicle Refrigeration Units” and “Build the largest Internet Platform for Highway Transport Industrial Chain in China”. In the afternoon of the second day, the internationally renowned Schott Group will also bring a technology sharing forum for the audience. With its topic of “the Application of Glass-metal Sealed Compressor Terminals in New Energy Vehicle's Air-conditioning Systems”, this forum will provide a deep and comprehensive explanation of the forward-looking points of view in the field of auto air-conditioning products about its technical route, its application prospects and etc.  


On the first day of the exhibition, 12,022 people from 35 countries and regions visited the exhibition site, up 15% over the previous year. During the three-day exhibition, the exhibition is expected to bring together more than 13,000 professional visitors from all over the world to explore the most innovative products in the industry. “The increase in the scale of the exhibition and in the number of exhibitors reflect the huge potential of the auto refrigeration industry. With the reform of the policy, the cross-integration of the industry, unlimited opportunities will present to the industry in future. With the innovation of products and technologies, the industry will also enter a new era.” Said Mr. Han Youheng, Executive Director of Shanghai ITE Gehua Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.