CIAAR 2019- Refrigerated Transport Equipment and Materials Area Make Their Comeback to Fully Display Future Development Trend of Mobile Refrigeration

After 16 years of development, Shanghai International Auto Air-conditioning and Transport Refrigeration Exhibition (CIAAR) has become a flagship exhibition in the auto air-conditioning and mobile refrigeration industries. With an overall exhibition area of 25,000 square meters, the scale of CIAAR 2018 set a new record through attracting 480 exhibitors and about 12,000 professional visitors; its exhibits cover auto air-conditioning and mobile refrigeration products, accessories and technology, taking on a more diversified and trending exhibition structure that not only covers all fields of the industry and further integrates the future development direction.


With the rapid development of China's cold-chain logistics market in recent years, there are many applications in the field of cold chain logistics, such as cold storage, supermarket refrigeration, refrigerated trucks, quick freezing equipment and industrial refrigeration equipment. By 2018, the market holdings of refrigerated trucks in China has reached about 140,000. The increasing market demand for refrigerated transport equipment can be attributed to China's booming refrigerated transport industry. Furthermore, with the increasing requirements of users for reliability and energy conservation of refrigeration equipment in various applications, there lies a huge market with great potential.


As one of the focal points receiving CIAAR's continuous attention, cold storage and refrigerated  transport products have attracted many top-notch manufacturers of auto refrigeration units represented by Thermo King, Carrier, Guobing, Jinxiang, Huatai and Mingtai over the years to display various excellent types of refrigerated transport systems and temperature control solutions on the platform of CIAAR. Strongly supported by Shanghai Cold Chain Association, CIAAR 2018 exhibited  the products and technologies of refrigeration, cold chain and refrigerated transport, meanwhile held industry summit forums at the exhibition site with their topics covering auto refrigeration units and the future technical development and application.


In order to further promote the development of cold chain and refrigerated transport industry platforms, the organizers of CIAAR 2019 once again join hands with Shanghai Cold Chain Association (SCCA)to set up “Refrigerated Transport Equipment and Materials Area” in the exhibition hall. This area will focus on refrigerated transport installations including refrigerated trucks, auto preservation units, refrigeration units, auto refrigeration units, non-independent refrigerators with strong cooling capacity, mobile refrigerated display cabinets and other professional products to further serve the customers from cold storage, cold chain, refrigerated transport and other markets. And SCCA plans to further launch related industry forums around the latest development in refrigeration units and refrigerated transport equipment products to serve industry users.


Speaking of "joining hands" again between SCCA and CIAAR, Liu Longchang, President of SCCA noted: "With the rise of cold chain logistics, the sales volume of refrigerated vehicles will further increase. In 2019, China's refrigerated trucks will develop towards high quality. Energy conservation and consumption reduction of refrigerated units, the optimization of the cabinets' thermal insulation performance, the study of new refrigeration methods and the development of new cabinet structure will become the main research directions in refrigerated trucks in the future . It is hoped that through the professional platform of CIAAR, SCCA can better promote the healthy development of the industry through the exhibition of cold storage, cold chain and refrigerated transport products as well as industry dialogues. " The 19th Shanghai International Auto Air-conditioning and Transport Refrigeration Exhibition (CIAAR) will be held from November 13 to 15, 2019 at Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center in China.